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FAUST / US 浮世 / 德

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A bold exploration of an acclaimed German classic, retold in a contemporary setting.

A journey that transforms her life from the ordinary to the extraordinary, getting everything she has always wanted. Well, almost everything…

A brilliant but frustrated academic, Faust has achieved all that she can with her knowledge. Dissatisfied with what she has, she yearns for more in her life. One day she is visited by an unexpected visitor, Mephistopheles, who is full of surprises. Mephistopheles makes a deal with her; spend the rest of her life with him, as he shows her a lifetime of everything she desires, in exchange for her soul in the beyond. Driven by the freedom that awaits her outside of her dusty study, she agrees to the deal and is whisked away into a supernatural life of magic, thrill and adventure. After journeying through a lifetime chasing after ambition, love and desire, will she ever find what she is looking for?

The first time a Nine Years Theatre’s production is helmed by a next-generation director. Introducing Cherilyn Woo, our Associate Director, who re-imagines a female Faust in this famous classic tale.

To know more about the production, please visit http://www.nineyearstheatre.com/en/faustus.php





一趟旅程,让她平凡的生活变得非比寻常。她因此得到了她想追求的一切 —— 她是真得到了一切吗……


一位意想不到的访客 — 梅菲斯特 — 的出现,给浮世德带来接二连三的惊喜。梅菲斯特与浮世德进行交易:她必须一生伴随梅菲斯特,梅菲斯特则会实现她的所有欲望,条件是她死后得把灵魂卖给他。为了离开她那布满灰尘的书房,追求自由,她欣然答应,随即被卷入了一场超现实的魔幻历程。浮世德花了一生追求心中的抱负、爱情和欲望以后,究竟能不能找到她一生之所求?



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11 Jan 2019, 9am
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11 Jan 2019, 10am




Approximately 2 hours
(no intermission)

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  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 7 years old
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  • Advisory (Some Mature Content)

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Event Date
Thu, 21 - Sun, 24 Mar 2019

Thur - Fri : 8pm
Sat : 3pm & 8pm
Sun : 3pm

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(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$38
(Free Seating)