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Guan Gong - 关公

The China's first epic dance drama themed with the Guan Gong culture.

A magnificent epic shining the heaven and man,

An immortal writing for loyalty and bravery.

There buried the chopped-off head of an ancient famous general-Guan Yu in Guanlin, Luoyang of China, with a rich Guan Gong culture atmosphere here through 1790 years of history, which makes it become one of the world's most important holy lands in the Guan Gong belief. The Luoyang GuanLin International Pilgrimage Ceremony is a quite influential cultural festival at home and abroad. The Luoyang "Guan Gong Belief and Custom" has been listed in the national non-material cultural heritage list by the State Council.

The "Guan Gong" story is that of the Chinese people, and that of "Morality of Righteousness" of the Chinese virtues lasting for thousand years. The statue of Guan Yu (Gong) was depicted by the masses from the heart in prolonged period of time, with a hero worship, for the fear of the immortal, with a moral desire for the "loyalty, righteousness, benevolence, bravery".

The dance drama depicts the death of the Guan Gong in solemn and stirring with the flashbacks of the end of the hero, by the bravery of the Guan Gong chopping Hua Xiong, the righteousness of Peach-Garden Oath and the release of Cao Cao in the Huarong Road, the loyalty of the Tushan Mountain vowing with heart in the Han Kingdom, the benevolence of solicitude for soldiers living and dying together, which represents the immortal legend of the hero of "righteousness heavy as mountain,  famous and fear-inspiring throughout China".


心如金石   自致不朽






舞剧以关公悲壮之死,英雄末路前的闪回,通过温酒斩华雄的关公之“勇”,桃园三结义、华容道释曹操的关公之“义”,土山誓约、心在汉室的关公之“忠”,体恤官兵,同生共死的关公之“仁”,传奇再现英雄凡夫之躯的 “义重如山,威震华夏”的不朽之路。

Start Sales Date

20 Mar 2018, 9am.
Other Channels:
20 Mar 2018, 10am.


English with Chinese surtitles


Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Promoter Name
Yien Oei

Rating / Age Limit

  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 7 years old
  • Children 7 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Late Seating Advisory:

  • You are strongly advised to be seated 15 minutes before the performance start time
  • No admission will be allowed into the venue once the performance has commenced
  • Exceptions may be made at Esplanade's discretion depending on the nature of the performance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event

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S$158 (Cat 1), S$88 (Cat 2), S$48 (Cat 3), S$38 (Cat 4) for Child aged 7 - 12 
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Event Date
Fri, 22 - Sat, 23 Jun 2018


Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$188, S$118, S$78, S$58
Esplanade Box: S$188
Premier Box: S$188
Box B - G: S$188, S$118
Restricted View: S$118, S$78, S$58

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