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Time Travel with Chinese Historical Stories 传统节日大作战




Yaya Family finally started the winter vacation! Just as they were talking about the wonderful holiday plan, the terrible homework elves appeared again! Besides, "Harry", the oriental adorable making holiday plan for everyone, was captured.

In order to save Harry, homework elves arranged three riddles, so brothers and sisters of Yaya lying had to solve the mystery one by one. Through Harry's rumbler shuttle, Yaya Family went to destinations related to the three riddles seperately, and began to explore each answer.

After this time travel experience, Yaya Family had deeper understanding on the Chinese ancient traditional festivals. Through each interesting story about the riddles, they knew rice dumplings of Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes in Mid-Autumn Festival, dumplings of Spring Festival. They also knew the origin of various traditional Chinese festivals and succeeds in completing the homework assigned by homework elves by means of watching and playing while learning. Finally, they knew why the homework elves kept assigning homework continually....

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9 Jan 2018, 9am

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9 Jan 2018, 10am




Approximately 1 hour without interval

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Sun, 4 Feb 2018


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