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Singapore Writers Festival 2019
Festival Prologue by Marlon James

What constitutes a story and who gets to tell it? In a world that is simultaneously globalised and fractured, how can one use language to reclaim conversations and identities? Man Booker Prize winner and festival headliner Marlon James, author of Black Leopard Red Wolf and A Brief History of Seven Killings, ruminates on the power of language and stories in considering diversity and representation.

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Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

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Silver Arts 2019: Those Were The Days
Reminisce and sing along to evergreen classics from the 1960s and 1970s, with live music performed by a full wind orchestra. This intergenerational concert will feature veteran local jazz vocalist, Robert Fernando, and a pair of seniors who are specially chosen from an audition! Hosted by media personality Joe Augustin, The Philharmonic Youth Winds will present a repertoire of popular symphonic band music, specially arranged for seniors and their families to enjoy together. About Silver Arts Silver Arts advocates the meaningful possibilities seniors have in the arts. Organised by the National Arts Council since 2012, Silver Arts is an annual initiative that collaborates with artists, arts organisations and community partners to integrate the arts into the lifestyles of seniors. From performances to workshops, seniors can showcase their creative talents through co-created content or learn a new skill, enhancing their overall well-being. Find out more at silverarts.nac.gov.sg  
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Roxane Gay - Lecture
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Perang Spontan: A Dikir Barat X Rap Battle
What could the traditional Dikir Barat form and contemporary hip hop have in common?  In this 60-minutes performance, Tukang Karut performers from various Dikir Barat groups will be pitted against some of the best Malay rappers in a gelanggang or a free-style arena format to test their wit in traditional Malay quatrains. Come experience a spontaneous showdown of rhythmic poetry like never before.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 An Hour With: Min Jin Lee
In this conversation, New York Times bestselling author Min Jin Lee speaks about her novel, Pachinko, a sprawling historical saga that follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family in 20th century Japan. Expanding on questions of family and identity from her novel as well as her own experiences as an Asian-American, she will examine the intricacies of being a perceived outsider and the power of fiction in bridging cultures. 
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 How to Write Young Adult Fiction
Nicola Yoon’s bestselling Young Adult fiction addresses issues such as deportation and celebrates love in all its forms. How does one write about love without falling into cliché? What does it take to create realistic teenage characters? YA author Nicola Yoon shares practical tips and her journey to publication.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 In a Tiny Room with Marlon James
SWF invites you to a literary gathering in one of Singapore's beautiful hidden spots. In this edition, some of the festival’s most loved writers take over a literary inspired cocktail bar. Guests will enjoy an intimate reading followed by a Q&A session. Embracing sobriety or under aged? We got you covered. Price is inclusive of one cocktail or mocktail.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 In a Tiny Room with Roxane Gay
SWF invites you to a literary gathering in one of Singapore's beautiful hidden spots. In this edition, some of the festival’s most loved writers take over a literary inspired cocktail bar. Guests will enjoy an intimate reading followed by a Q&A session. Embracing sobriety or under aged? We got you covered. Price is inclusive of one cocktail or mocktail.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Beyond Borders, Beyond Words
Acclaimed travel writer Pico Iyer meditates on the spaces between the spoken and the unspoken while living in Japan, where he has made home for the past three decades. Reflecting on the concepts of nuance and silence, he will speak on human connection and belonging. Following the lecture, Pico Iyer will engage in a dialogue with fiction author Meira Chand on the confluence of different cultures reflected in their works.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 You Say 'Inclusive', I Say 'Subversive'
Join a practical writing workshop led by award winning writer and disability activist Kaite O’Reilly. Participants will be invited to consider how to be more inclusive and representative in the creation of characters, perspectives, narratives, and fictional worlds. The workshop will include examples of poetry, fiction, and plays written by disabled and D/deaf writers working from a politicised and cultural perspective, who have created a language of their own, refuting mainstream ableism and reclaiming previously negative words and terminology. Participants will be encouraged to consider new narratives, with new protagonists, new endings, and a refreshed language.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Speaking Of, Speaking With: Writing About Art and Visual Culture in Southeast Asia
This workshop is for writers who are interested in producing entirely original texts -- either historicizing, critical, or speculative in their objectives -- that will engage with a specific artwork or an ongoing exhibition in Singapore. In addition to producing new texts, participants will develop a set of descriptive and analytical strategies specific to the craft of writing within the field of contemporary art, which they can build on at any stage of their writing practice.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (To Everyone)
At once personal and global, this lecture based off Kamal Al-Solaylee's seminal work unpacks a multitude of issues from growing anxieties around multiculturalism and cheap labour to colourism. Brown is the result of reporting conducted over two years in 10 countries on four continents from destinations as far apart as the United States, Sri Lanka, and the Phillipines.  This resonant work challenges our assumptions about immigration and globalism and recounts the heartbreaking stories of the people caught in the middle.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 How to Illustrate Books
Learn about book illustrations from one of the best illustrators in the business. Chris Riddell, best known for his detailed line drawings in The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and the Ottoline series for primary-level readers, will share insights on how writers and illustrators work together to create a deeper understanding of story.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Writing for the Film Audience of Today 为今日的电影受众书写电影?
From Netflix to never-ending Hollywood sequels, the film-watching experience has changed vastly in the last decade. How does one write about film with the audiences of today in mind? Hong Kong poet, filmmaker, and educator Yau Ching gives practical tips on writing film criticism and speaks on the role of arts writing in general as well as the space it occupies within the larger sphere of cultural criticism.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Plot Twists and Dark Fiction
Examine what makes for a hair raising haunting story with author Tunku Halim who weaves Asian supernatural folklore in his works and pens dark thrillers. In this workshop, he breaks down the elements of a good plot and shares tips to thrill your readers.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Breaking Silence and Finding Your Voice
If you’re a young writer with something to say, don’t miss this chance to work with Jacob Sam-La Rose, renowned poet, performer, and educator whose mentorship has kicked off many a poetic career. Develop your style in writing and performing poetry in this interactive workshop.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Epic Spoken Word Night
However you like your truth- well done, medium rare, or still bleeding- come listen to some of the best poets at the festival spill theirs.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Songwriting 101
Having played with various bands, Tim De Cotta is used to playing with musical diversity and pushing the boundaries in writing and production. Join him as he shares practical tips and guides aspiring song writers in creating rhythm, melody and lyrics for songs of their own.This session is conceptualised by SWF Youth Curators and co-presented with Singapore Book Council.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Using Humour in Tamil Poetry
Social satire and self-deprecating humour are key elements in contemporary Tamil poetry today and acclaimed Tamil poet Isai has played a key role in shaping this evolution. In this workshop, Isai guides aspiring Tamil poets in using humour as a tool in crafting socio-cultural poems.This session is in Tamil.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Life Studies: A Poetry Workshop
Peel away your inhibitions and get in touch with your deepest, truest feelings. Let poetry guide your emotions and memories as participants put words to their feelings in this creative process workshop with Christopher Merrill, director of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 The Sun is Also a Star
"Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true"?  Kingsley, a young quantum physics student meets charming would-be medical student, Daniel Bae. Sparks fly between two strangers but will fate be enough to keep them together as Natasha’s family faces deportation? Based on the bestselling Young Adult novel of the same name, the film screening will be followed by a dialogue with the book’s author, Nicola Yoon.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 - Festival Pass | SWF Youth Pass
Get access to more than 100 events at SWF with the Festival Pass / SWF Youth Pass.This year’s theme is A Language of Our Own: A Language refers to any system that allows for communication, be it verbal, physical or visual. While language has the capacity to create belonging, it can also be cause for displacement. In a world that is so simultaneously globalised and fractured, who has language left behind? What has language taught us about the past and how must language evolve to accommodate a changing humanity?Please note that you will need to present a valid student ID upon exchange of the SISTIC ticket for the SWF Youth Pass at the SWF Info Counter.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Spoken Word Masterclass with Danez Smith
What can the body teach us about poems? What power does the voice hold that the page cannot? Come join this Forward Prize winning poet as they lead a session in helping you discover how your poems also live in the skin and on the tongue.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 The 'd' Monologues: A Lecture-Performance by Kaite O'Reilly
This lecture performance scripted by award winning writer and disability activist Kaite O' Reilly celebrates difference and challenges preconceptions of disability. 15 years in the making and inspired by interviews with disabled people across the world, D' Monologues' launch at the Festival puts an emphasis on the lived experience of disability in Singapore. Come experience performers subverting the language of ableism and celebrate all the possibilities of human variety.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Podcasts: Storytelling Through Sound
You don't need to be a good orator to move people with your voice. Just ask Davelle, the stuttering host of the podcast Some Scuffs. She shares how to craft a compelling audio story with the help of sound effects, music, thoughtful writing and of course, your own natural instrument.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 The Personal and The Powerful in Creative Non-Fiction
When writing from our own true stories and experiences, how do we also ensure that the work remains both intimate and impactful to others? From personal essays to memoirs, Chelene Knight, author of award-winning memoir Dear Current Occupant, provides tips on weaving memories and ideas into a narrative that is inviting to readers.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2019 A Bigger Party Than Expected (Late-Night Programme)
Bertha and Heng are getting married and it is, surprisingly, a bigger party than expected because everyone is invited to join in the festivities! Inspired by Rex Shelley’s seminal The Shrimp People, The Arts House transforms into a Eurasian wedding celebration. As you enjoy the strains of the wedding band and traditional Eurasian food and drink, wander through the house and encounter performances and interactive installations including ETA 9mins by Main Tulis Group, Jinkli Nona Redux by Edith Podesta, RISK by Cyril Wong, Encrypting Kinships by Bani Haykal and Watch My Damn Mouth by Irfan Kasban and Ruby Jayaseelan, each bringing a unique take on Shelley's words.PLEASE NOTE:1. A Bigger Party than Expected is an immersive programme with both durational and timed performances. Do note that it may not be possible to experience all the performances for the evening.  2. Upon arrival at the Arts House, patrons will choose an itinerary which specifies their route through the timed performances in the house. Itineraries will be colour coded and patrons are advised to follow their route so as to ensure a smooth flow through the house during the programme.   3. Itineraries will be assigned on a first-come first served basis. Do note that if you are arriving as a group, you may not be assigned the same itinerary depending on availability.
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Event Date
Sun, 3 Nov 2019


Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$30 (Free Seating)