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Incentive Pricing

What is incentive pricing?

Incentive pricing is a tiered reward pricing scheme – customers enjoy better priced tickets when they book earlier. The ticket prices will get higher as it gets closer to the show dates and will do so at unannounced dates.

The incentive pricing scheme will cut across all price categories and the total number of shows staged within an event. A fixed number of seats will be allocated to each incentive price tier. One the limit has been reached, the next tiered pricing kicks in. Ticket prices get higher as it gets closer to the show dates. Through incentive pricing, you enjoy better-priced tickets the earlier you book them.
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What is the difference between incentive pricing and early bird schemes?

Under an early bird scheme, the ticket discount that you get is fixed and limited to a certain number of days after ticket sales open. Since incentive pricing is a tiered rewards scheme, you enjoy a range of ticket prices throughout the ticket sales period of an event. Back to Top

Is there a limit to the number of incentive pricing tickets that can purchased by a single person?

This will be decided by the show organiser. Any restrictions will be noted on the respective show’s event page. Back to Top

What happens when the incentive pricing tickets for each pricing tier sell out?

Once incentive pricing tickets allocated for a particular tier sell out, the next pricing tier will kick in immediately. Back to Top

How will I know how many incentive pricing tickets are still available for each price tier? And how will I know when a new incentive pricing tier is available? Do I need to constantly check the SISTIC page for updates?

Yes, the SISTIC website would be a good place to check for price revisions and ticket availability. You may also be updated via any other marketing effort organised by the show organiser. Take note the best time to buy for events offering incentive pricing is now! Back to Top

Will the usual discounts for students and senior citizens be applied to incentive pricing tickets?

Discounts for students and senior citizens are offered separately and up to the discretion of the show organiser. Please check the respective show’s event page for more details. Back to Top

Can I use my SISTIC gift voucher to purchase incentive pricing tickets?

Yes, unless the event organiser has chosen not to accept SISTIC gift vouchers for that particular event. Back to Top

Will incentive pricing be used for all future tickets sold on SISTIC?

This will be decided by the show organisers as they decide on the ticket prices and strategies for their individual shows. SISTIC, as a ticketing platform, is happy to provide all their ticketing needs. This includes the implementation of incentive pricing if promoters make that choice. Back to Top

Where can I purchase incentive pricing tickets?

Incentive pricing tickets are available only for selected events and can be purchased through selected channels depending on the show organiser’s decision. Please check the respective show’s event page for more details. Back to Top

Will there be SISTIC booking fees for incentive pricing tickets?

There will be no change in the booking fees. The standard booking fee of $1 per ticket for tickets priced $20 and below, $3 for tickets priced between $20.01 to $40, and $4 for tickets priced above $40 will apply. Back to Top

Can I make a tentative booking for incentive pricing tickets through the SISTIC website?

Reservation of seats is not permitted. Ticket bookings via the Internet must be confirmed within the 15-minute time frame allowed for each transaction to be completed. If confirmation is not made within this period, the transaction will be cancelled. Any seats allocated will be automatically returned to the system and be available for sale. Back to Top

Will I get a refund for my incentive pricing tickets if the show gets cancelled?

The show organiser will typically inform the public, usually through announcements in the major media channels or via e-mail. For both postponements and cancellations, refunds are available and necessary information will be provided to affected ticket holders. Back to Top